Highgate Motors of Barrington was founded as an import automotive repair shop. Throughout our growth and transformation into a multifaceted business we have not lost sight of our roots. We strive to share our expertise to keep your vehicle on the road at an unmatched value. Our trained technicians have access to cutting edge diagnostic equipment and factory level training. From simple routine maintenance to complete overhauls of major components Highgate Motors of Barrington is here to serve you. We offer the same dealer level expertise of your car in a transparent and trustworthy environment. Don’t become another number for the dealers to take advantage of, at Highgate Motors you will be treated like family.

Services Offered

Diagnostic Services
Drivetrain Services
Electrical Repair
Oil & Fluid Services
Suspension and Air Suspension repairs
Tires, wheel refurbishment, and replacement wheels
Routine Vehicle Maintenance
Timing Chain Replacement
Head Gasket Replacement

Highgate Motors of Barrington: Your Trusted European Import Auto Experts

Are you looking for an independent auto repair shop that prioritizes both expertise and value? Look no further than Highgate Motors of Barrington. We started as, and remain passionate about, European import vehicle repair. Our certified technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and factory-level training to tackle any problem, from routine maintenance to complex engine overhauls. Over the years, we’ve grown into a comprehensive auto repair center serving Barrington and the surrounding area.  However, one thing remains constant: our dedication to providing exceptional service at a fair price.

Why Choose Highgate Motors of Barrington?
Service Technician Expertise: We specialize in servicing a wide range of European import vehicles, ensuring a deep understanding of your specific car’s needs.
Unmatched Value: We deliver dealer-level quality service without the dealer price tag.
Transparency and Trust: We prioritize clear communication and honest recommendations, treating every customer like family.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Our technicians utilize advanced diagnostic equipment to pinpoint issues quickly and accurately.
Comprehensive Services: We offer a full spectrum of European import auto repair services, from routine oil changes to major repairs.

Our Services:
Expert Diagnostics: Don’t let car troubles become a mystery. Our specialists use advanced tools to diagnose problems efficiently.
Drivetrain Repair: Keep your vehicle moving smoothly with our transmission and drivetrain repair services.
Electrical System Repair: From flickering lights to complex wiring issues, our technicians can solve any electrical problem.
Climate Control (HVAC) Repair: Stay comfortable year-round with our air conditioning and heating system repairs.
Oil Changes & Fluid Maintenance: Routine maintenance is key to a healthy car. We offer comprehensive oil changes and fluid services.
Suspension Repair: Ensure a smooth ride and optimal handling with our suspension and air suspension repair expertise.
Tire Care: We provide tire rotations, replacements, and refurbishments to keep you rolling safely.
Routine Maintenance: We handle all your regularly scheduled maintenance needs to keep your import vehicle in top condition.
Advanced Repairs: Our technicians are equipped to tackle even the most complex repairs, including timing chain replacements and head gasket repairs.
Don’t settle for just any auto repair shop. Trust your import vehicle to the experts at Highgate Motors of Barrington. Contact us today at 847-496-0818 to schedule an appointment.